Fatima Rafiqui

About me

I am a user experience designer/researcher with a keen interest in people and their relationships with technology. I have an educational background in engineering and a discovered affinity for design.

While working as a developer I always felt the need to be on the other side of the table. To me design was never merely about aesthetics, it meant a lot more. It is an unconstrained flow of emotions that connects me to people and how they respond to technology. Therefore, I decided to work on my skills in the design sector in a more professional setting and joined Indiana University for a masters degree.

On a personal front, I bring along with me a broad spectrum of experiences which has made me a better listener and a more tolerant individual; felt like I gained a sixth sense! Days and hours of research, innumerable cappuccinos and multiple overnight conversations with my best friend later, I zeroed down on my aspirations to becoming a product designer. My cat agreed too; she thinks I could do better with some understanding of the world she is the queen of.